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The bosombuddy breast pillow was developed for women who have had some type of breast issue. I have watched many women struggle with side sleeping, chest wrinkles due to the size of their breasts, or suffer from discomfort after breast cancer surgery, mastectomy and reconstruction. I really wanted to create a solution that would protect and support breast care issues... from this the bosombuddy was born...


Unfortunately, cancer was a part of my family growing up – my sister passed away from leukemia. I want to give back to those that suffer from this dreaded disease and other cancer related illnesses. That is why a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to help uninsured women with their cancer treatment.

Rebeccca, Owner




The bosombuddy breast pillow is an environmentally friendly product. Its compact, contoured design consists of a high-quality memory foam core with a soft, removable cover made of washable Polartec® wicking fabric that is pleasant against the body and night-sweat friendly.


The outer-mesh bag that this pillow comes in, has been designed for use in laundering the cover of your bosombuddy breast pillow. Remove the outer pillow cover and hand wash or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Remove pillow cover from mesh bag and lay flat to dry. Do not put in dryer.




More than ever during your pregnancy and when you are nursing after childbirth, you need to be relaxed and get as much rest as possible. And while the bosombuddy breast pillow can't guarantee that your baby will let you sleep through the night, it can ease some of the soreness and breast discomfort that can result from your naturally enlarged breasts. With the bosom buddy, a pregnant woman can comfortably sleep on her side - the position recommended by the American Pregnancy Association.


The bosombuddy comfortably holds the breasts in their natural position, eliminating chaffing, sweating, pressure and friction – all of which interfere with sleep. The environmentally friendly silicone panels give women a cool sensation to the breasts, are slip proof, and night-sweat friendly. Pregnant women often sleep with a body pillow, the bosom buddy is created to work in conjunction with a body pillow, giving them the support they need with cool comfort to boot.